B-BBEE Consultancy

The lack of understanding of BEE remains the single biggest stumbling block for businesses.

The changing legislation and myriad of variations created by the implementation of different business sector scorecards, interpretation of the Codes, and the substantially altered and challenging Codes of Good Practice gazetted on 11th October 2013, can be daunting. Without knowledge and practical experience, many businesses fail to react to the options available to them or embark on costly initiatives that are of little or no value. The knee-jerk reaction to obtaining points on the scorecard is often too little too late.

The significance of this is the cost of being restricted to doing business with government and state-owned entities, and importantly, with businesses that are in the chain of supply to the government.

On the positive side, businesses often earn points that they are unaware of, and with certain recommendations are able to cost-effectively achieve significant rating levels.

At BizAdvance we have a wealth of knowledge and many years of practical on-the-ground experience across all of the sectors, and we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of any changes to the BEE legislation. Contact us today and unlock your potential for improving your BEE compliance. We offer consulting tailored to your requirements.