Definition of Transformation Charters

Definition in terms of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice of 11th October 2013 (BEE Codes 2013)

Transformation Charters

Means the sectoral transformation charters referred to in section 12 of the Act;

BizAdvance Consulting comments and references:

The Codes of Good Practice provide government and industry with a standard framework for the implementation and measurement of broad-based BEE. This framework is the guide to formation of different industry Sector Charters and scorecards, in order to express an industry's commitment to BEE.

The BEE Act provides for charters to be gazetted in terms of its section 9, or section 12. Where a charter is gazetted in terms of section 9, it means that the document is aligned to, and has the same status as the Codes of Good Practice. Entities that qualify for inclusion in particular sectors, are required to be scored under their applicable sector Charters. The charter scorecard thus becomes the measurement criterion used by organs of state and public entities in terms of preferential procurement of goods and services from BEE compliant suppliers.

Link to Sector Codes that have been gazetted

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