Definition of The QSE Scorecard

Definition in terms of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice of 11th October 2013 (BEE Codes 2013)

The QSE Scorecard

Means the QSE scorecard referred to in statement 000;

BizAdvance Consulting comments and references:

It is interesting that the Codes of 2013 refer to the Generic Scorecard in the heading of Statement 100 page 4 as if it is a generic term for Generic (large entities) and Qualifying Small Enterprises, both using the same scorecard. Elseware in Statement 000 reference is made to separate scorecards for Generic and Qualifying Small Enterprises i.e. clause 1.5 page 5; 1.7 page 5;  3.2.2 page 6; 6.4 page 10 and  8.2.1 page 11. The definitions also refer separately to a QSE scorecard.

In the absence of a separate scorecard it is assumed that Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE’s) use the Generic scorecard.

On this basis the only difference between calculating the Contribution Level of a Large enterprise versus a QSE is in Statement 000 clause page 7 which relates to the Priority Elements compliance.

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