Definition of Certified Learning Programme

Definition in terms of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice of 11th October 2013 (BEE Codes 2013)

Certified Learning Programme

Means any Learning Programme for which the Measured Entity has:

a)      any form of independent written certificate as referred to in the “Learning Achievements” column of the Learning Programme Matrix; or if it does not have such certification:

b)      an enrolment certificate issued by the independent person responsible for the issue of the certification referred to in statement 300 confirming the employee has:

         i.          enrolled for, is attending and making satisfactory progress in the Learning Programme;  or

       ii.          enrolled for but not attending the Learning;  or

      iii.          attending the Training Programme but has failed an evaluation of their learning progress.

BizAdvance Consulting comments and references:

Refers to the Skills Development element of the scorecard, Statement 300, page 49

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