Definition of 51% Black Owned

Definition in terms of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice of 11th October 2013 (BEE Codes 2013)

51% Black Owned

Means an Entity in which:

a)      Black people hold at least 51% of the exercisable voting rights as determined under Codes series 100;

b)      Black people hold at least 51% of the economic interest as determined under Code series 100; and

c)      Has earned all the points for the Net Value under statement 100;

BizAdvance Consulting comments and references:

Relates to the Ownership element of the scorecard, Statement 100 page 14. Refer to clauses page 18.

Relates to the Enterprise and Supplier Development scorecard, Statement 400 page 60. Refer to clause 2.1.4 page 62; Bonus points page 62; 3.7 page 65;

Also refer to Statement 100, clause 4.3.2 page 9, and 5.3.2 page 9.

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